Get driving lessons to drive a manual car or learning how to drive a stick shift is always the same. Most of the drivers do not know the value of learning how to drive a manual car as it seems to be a bit difficult to drive these types of vehicles. If you are a person who can drive a manual transmission vehicle, you will be able to drive any car either a manual or an automatic. First, find a vast empty area or a parking lot to practice how to drive a manual transmission vehicle. In the beginning, you might feel that it is not that easy as it seems, but remember that nothing is impossible, you wouldn’t find it difficult after you get all the necessary skills. The following steps would give you the essential guidelines to drive a stick shift easily.

  • Power the car using the clutch

First, sit on the driving seat and start the car by changing the gear to the neutral and placing the right foot of yours on the brake pedal. After that, remaining the left foot on the clutch and the right on the brake pedal, change the first gear. After that, you need to take off your foot from the brake and gradually put the clutch partly out and look the way how your car moves.

  • How does a stand happen

In case, if you take your foot from the clutch without providing some gas, the car might stop. So it would be better if you don’t pop the clutch or leave it too soon as it would make your car lurch forward. It is truly dangerous and uncomfortable to the people who are traveling with you, and it is also hard on the clutch.

  • Slow down using the clutch

When you are in the first gear, just put the clutch in so that you can see that the car slows down. After that, just let out the clutch to see how the car moves and place your foot on the clutch to see how it slows your car engine. You can drive for a shorter distance by letting the clutch partly.

  • Pay attention to your car engine

When you change to the second gear, you would hear the engine gets loud and when you change the gears the engine of your car would get quiet once again. You need to pay attention to the sound of your engine for a signal as you need to change to the third and the fourth gear in order.

  • Practice to use the brake

Now, this is an important thing that you need to learn. BTW if you looking for a driving instructor in Melbourne you can contact us.

When you are placing your foot on the brake to stop your car, you should also put the clutch in at the same time you are applying the brake to prevent the pausing. But when it comes to light braking, you should not use a clutch with the brake.

Few things that you need to keep in your mind always are,

Other than practicing the above steps, there are few things that you still should keep in your mind when driving on the road. These few things are necessary to become a successful driver of a transmission vehicle. So let’s go through them,

  • When you are good at driving, you can try to engine brake by downshifting as it is enjoyable.
  • When you are leaving your car, you need to put the gear and handbrake to avoid it from rolling.
  • Most of the new vehicles that come to the market come with a hill hold option, so when you are leaving your car on a hill, you can take this option into use. So when you are putting into the first gear and letting your foot out of the brake while leaving your car on a hill, your car would not roll down the mountain.