Manual Driving School Melbourne consists of the absolute best driving instructors in Melbourne.

We have an extremely high pass rate as a Majority of our students a Manual and NOT JUST Automatic, realistically we have 95% pass rate with many students getting a 100% on their Vic Rds Driving Test, when you think about it that is through the stratosphere

Welcome to Manual Driving School in Melbourne

Drive Manual in 1 Super Lesson and Learn to drive Manual and automatic with Us

We are the only driving school in Melbourne that offers this. What takes another instructor five to ten lessons, we will accomplish this plus more in our 1 Super Lesson. Most of the time we get corporates wanting us to teach their employees how to drive manual. We do one of these almost on a daily basis with monotoneous regularity. It’s in being able to find out how to tweek you the driver’s physiology and demonstrate very easily so that you can understand how to drive a manual vehicle using pictures and implimenting muscle memory and brain recognition. What takes other instructors five or ten lessons and a lot of your time, we are the ONLY SCHOOL IN MELBOURNE that offers this Intensive Super Lesson.

New learner driver

Why is it that you go from being one of the safest drivers on the road to an 1100% DANGER STATISTIC according to VicRoads and Monash University? Under supervision, you have a backup with your senior driver. When you are on your own, different story. Unfortunately, parents don’t know how to teach or more importantly correct driving impediments from the start, and what’s even more unfortunate is that there are a lot of DRIVING INSTRUCTORS who don’t know either! So, where does this leave you, the new driver? You need to spend a lot of time searching for a small percentage of quality instructors with great difficulty. The big names nor the so called “Biggest Schools” have the answers either. It’s being able to detect and then correct these faults which you could carry with you for the rest of your driving days, IF NOT CORRECTED unfortunately could cause serious accidents. We know how to make these suttle and yet critical changes in your driving.

Terrified nervous driver

Oh, we specialize in this one and welcome this type of driver as it is the most satisfying to be able to teach. Often I have had students that could not drive out of a simple public car park or even be able to turn on something as simple as your indicator/signals. The biggest thing is that this type of student inherently knows their capabilities and this will shut them down even though they are trying very hard. After all we are born with only two fears. Fear of noise and the fear of falling. Both of these fears are realized when it comes to driving. The fight or flight mechanism kicks in, and in turn, two chemicals are released into the brain (Adrenaline and Cortisol) which can make you excel or in this case, shut you down and go into FREEZE MODE which is deadly for driving. Knowing how to correct this and bring rationality to the situation very quickly is most important. I’ve done this hundreds and hundreds of students. Nothing is new to me. You can be THE ABSOLUTE WORST and I WILL HELP YOU very quickly.

What to get through your P’s?

From the moment you get on board we make the teaching and your ability to learn as simple as ABC. From there we constantly repeat, reinstate and keep reinforcing what you’ve learnt so that it becomes second nature, infact instinctive in nature. We know from simple learning abilities, the louder, the brighter and the more obvious the teaching is, your ability to grasp the new ideas is made much simpler. It’s literally neuroplasticity! Your ability to understand and adhere to road rules easily is most important, including your low-speed maneuvers, namely parking. We will show you in 3 steps how to park with pinpoint accuracy alleviating a major stress issue for your driving test. REPEAT, REINSTATE AND REINFORCE YOUR LEARNING CAPABILITIES!

Our Driving School Melbourne

Manual Driving School Melbourne is the only premium driving school for driving lessons in Melbourne. Providing fast pass driving courses of the highest quality in driving lessons Melbourne for the best prices (in the long run). We guarantee that you will be a better driver within 1 week. Manual Driving School Melbourne consists of the absolute best driving instructors in Melbourne.

About driving instructor

Hans is one of the best for driving instructors in  Melbourne (if not the best) and has a proven track record for producing the most consistent, outstanding and safe drivers. If you are after driving classes in Melbourne, look nofurther. Safe and responsible drivers are essential in order to maintain safer roads.

Our prices

Look no further than us to get your Victorian Drivers License and skills for life. We guarantee that you will be a better driver in 1 week. Our driving lessons Melbourne (amongst all driving instructors Melbourne) can be personalised to new learner drivers, probationary drivers, experienced drivers, manual drivers licence conversions, intensive driver training and drivers licence test preparation.

Check what our students say about our driving lessons

150 reviews on
Jarrod White
Jarrod White
I can drive manual better then I did before
Claire Warr
Claire Warr
Hans was great teaching our daughter. He boosted her confidence and she achieved her licence first go. He's very honest and not pushy. We highly recommend Hans and he will be teaching our youngest when it's her turn. Thank you!!
Luca Pezzimenti
Luca Pezzimenti
Thank you to Hans for teaching Luca as he was very confident when he went for his test. Would definitely recommend Hans to anyone!
Daniel Thornton
Daniel Thornton
I had 4 hours with Hans and then my test and I passed 1st time he’s a very lovely man with a bundle of knowledge about the car and the roads it was a please to be tutored by him. His prices are very reasonable too… THANK YOU HANS!!
Sophie Reis
Sophie Reis
Hans was so supportive and such an amazing instructor! I highly recommend him for anyone learning how to drive!
Riley Brown
Riley Brown
Hans is the real deal. Really easy guy to get along with. He has very applicable tricks and phrases that you can apply to successfully handle the car and being on the road. Cheers Hans.
Alex Fakraufon
Alex Fakraufon
As someone who’s driven an automatic for the past 6+ years and wanting to learn to drive stick I could not ask for a more amazing instructor than Hans. His methods of repition and unique terminology helps you to learn very quickly. He’s so calm and collective and never shouts at you. Having a chat with him all throughout the lesson put me at such ease. If you’re after an instructor to teach you to drive manual, I cannot recommend Hans highly enough. Thankyou so much!!
Declan Hickey
Declan Hickey
Hans is a super bloke and will make the driving test a breeze after taking lessons with him, highly recommend!
Alex Ward
Alex Ward
The best driving instructor around. Hanz keeps you cool, calm, and collected throughout your driving journey. His methods of repetition and acronyms help instructions stick so that you learn quickly and safely. Cannot thank him enough for all his help in getting my license. - Alex Ward



our driving lesson package prices

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Fast Track your learning

One-on-one Personalised Lesson

Concentrated Learning

Use instructors car/ your own





3 x 45min Lessons

Personalised Lessons

Comprehensive feedback after lesson

Use instructors car/ your own

*Learner permit holders only






5 x 1 Hour Lessons

Personalised Lessons

Comprehensive feedback after lesson

Use instructors car/ your own







7 X 1 Hour Lessons

Tailored individual lessons Visual Memory Techniques

Pin-point parking accuracy

Comprehensive feedback along the way

Defensive Driver Training included

Use instructors car/ your own

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Yes it is possible to get gift cards from our driving school as well. So give contact us by via email or simply just call us.

Manual Driving School has the cheapest prices in Melbourne. Our Lessons are great and our prices are great. If you need more proof you can check our testimonial page. So don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a good range of driving package prices. You will get great driving tips, and your confidence will improve significantly.

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General information about driving lessons in Melbourne

What is the cost of driving lessons in Melbourne?

The cost of driving lessons in Melbourne can vary greatly depending on the type of lesson and the instructor you choose. For a basic driving lesson with a qualified driving instructor, you can expect to pay around $70-$90 per hour. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive lesson, such as a defensive driving course, you can expect to pay around $100-$150 per hour.

What methods of payment are accepted for lessons?

We accept cash, Eftpos, and bank transfers. You can call us if you have any questions about driving lessons payment. Also, remember we have gift cards as well.

What methods of payment are accepted for lessons?

We accept cash, Eftpos, and bank transfers. You can call us if you have any questions about driving lessons payment. Also, remember we have gift cards as well.

How many lessons are needed in Melbourne?

The answer to this question depends on various factors, including the individual’s experience level, the type of vehicle they are learning to drive, and the specific driving regulations in Melbourne. For those who have never driven before, it is recommended that they take a minimum of 10 driving lessons, but with us, you will get ready for the driving test after a few driving lessons. We cannot guarantee it, but it happens with our students most of the time.

What are the times and days when lessons are available?

Unfortunately, we are unable to show which days and times are available to book your driving lessons on the website. Therefore please call us to schedule your driving lessons with us.

Are driving lessons safe?

Of course, our driving lessons are conducted with safety. We use some of the Safest and best engineered all wheel drive manual cars in the Automotive Industry, with Boxster engines for performance and reliability

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