46 Freshfield Ave, Wantirna South VIC 3152, Australia


46 Freshfield Ave, Wantirna South VIC 3152, Australia

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Manual Driving School Melbourne is the only premium driving school in Melbourne.

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Our driving school is the main premium driving school in Melbourne. Providing the highest quality in personalised driving lessons. You will be a better driver within 7 days. We’ve proven this time and time over again with monotonous regularity. We are able to do this with our bespoke method of training, which means everyone is an individual and no two students are alike. The program is tailored to you.

Although there are similar patterns that immerge. Then it takes real skills to mirror and bring out the successful patterns that are reflected in the very best drivers on the roads. Yet, all of this need to be done in a very calm and cool manner, because what we are looking for is to maximise thinking capabilities under pressure.

We are born with only two fears; Fear of noise and the fear of falling which both translate into driving fears and then dovetails into the fight or flight instinct which then triggers two chemicals into the brain. Adrenalin and cortisol which creates shutdown and inability to think.

Our tailored and personalised driving programs take into consideration your previous driving & life experiences, your personal goals and time-frame for you to get your licence.

Hans is a standout amongst other driving teachers in Melbourne. He specialises in building the inner confidence of each of his student using his specialised teaching methods to overcome the fear of collision by focusing on steering and hand eye co-ordination. He also looks for driving efficiency, fuel efficiency, maintenance efficiency and traffic flow efficiency, as the roads are getting busier and busier. So you get best manual driving lessons for sure.

If you are one of the many nervous, anxious or terrified drivers, there is nothing to be ashamed about. Many of these drivers are scared and afraid to admit their fears, which are very real. However, these fears can be overcome in literally under five lessons.

Manual Driving School Melbourne provides an outstanding service and professional guidance to these drivers that are normally told they are bad drivers (No such thing, only bad instructors). After all teachers are expected to know how to fix the faults in the students. The answer shouldn’t be in taking twelve or eighteen months to learn how to drive, week after week causing both frustration and enormous costs to the students. These tailor-made and informative driving lessons simply translate into driving very quickly.

Our Story


I have always been in the motor industry starting as a young Apprentice, Mechanic, Foreman and then Workshop Manager of a large establishment. I decided to quit as I enjoyed working with young people and driving instructing was an area of great interest to me.

The benefits of having being in the Motor Trade and understanding the way a car works has been tremendously helpful to all of my students. I have an exceptional knowledge of Victorian road rules and a good understanding of the operations of VIC Roads. But mostly my ability to help improve people skills as a better driver.

As in any industry its the 80:20 rule. In this industry, it seems that there’s about 10% who are the good driving instructors and the good ones know it. And that’s why we have so many problems on the roads today because the instructors struggle to explain to students, how to implement and be better drivers.

Hand Eye Co-ordination is one of the biggest problems on the road today and a very large percent of instructors who don’t have a clue of how to correct the problem. Sadly 80% plus drivers have the problem.

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