Tips to park your manual transmission vehicle

As you may know, it is not easy to park a manual transmission vehicle like an automatic vehicle. In case, if you are not familiar with the changing of gears, you might find it much more difficult to park your vehicle even though it is something simple. Before parking...

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How to start your manual transmission car on a hill

When comparing to an automatic transmission car, the manual transmission car gives you excellent control of power and the speed of the vehicle but when it comes to the driving, it is not entirely comfortable to drive a manual transmission car. However, it is not easy...

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Easy steps to drive a stick shift

Get driving lessons to drive a manual car or learning how to drive a stick shift is always the same. Most of the drivers do not know the value of learning how to drive a manual car as it seems to be a bit difficult to drive these types of vehicles. If you are a person...

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Things You Should Avoid When Using a Manual Car

Though it seems that driving a manual car is tough, it is not as hard as it appears at first. It is an art that’s wrapped up in a gear bashing package. It is fun driving a manual car, and it helps to improve your driving skills as well. On the other hand, when you are...

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Useful tips to learn driving a manual transmission car

. Today the manual transmissions have gone out of fashion. Most people tend to shift from manual driving, but there are still plenty of people who struggle to continue with this fantastic art. So we are going to teach all those people some of the practical and easy...

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Lessons From A Skilled Driving Instructor In Melbourne

For most people, manual driving lessons present more challenges compared to driving an automatic. Here are some manual driving tips that you may find very handy for your manual car driving lessons. If you drive an automatic car then driving a manual car will certainly...

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