46 Freshfield Ave, Wantirna South VIC 3152, Australia


46 Freshfield Ave, Wantirna South VIC 3152, Australia

Lessons From A Skilled Driving Instructor In Melbourne

For most people, manual driving lessons present more challenges compared to driving an automatic.

Here are some manual driving tips that you may find very handy for your manual car driving lessons.

If you drive an automatic car then driving a manual car will certainly be somewhat of a challenge. To start with, you have three pedals instead of two, so you need to use both feet to control the vehicle.

You place one foot over the clutch pedal at all times and the other foot swaps between the brake and the accelerator.

When driving a manual, the idea is to change gears at the right time which ensures fuel efficiency. Changing up at 2,000 RPM for diesel and 2,500 RPM for petrol is an effective way to optimize your mileage.

Yet another method to do this is to match your speed with your engine revs, for example, 0-15 KMH is first gear speed, 16-30 KMH is 2nd gear, and so on until you reach the top gear.

Driving a vehicle with a manual transmission has its benefits as they’re usually more fuel-efficient than an auto. But you need to ensure that you steer it right. The sooner you change up the better, nevertheless there is a fine line with this as you can’t change up too early or you will certainly stall the vehicle.

If you aren’t accustomed to driving a manual vehicle, you will need to be in the appropriate gear depending on the grade uphill/downhill. An automatic car will automatically do this on its own.

You will learn this in your driving lessons, nevertheless, it is merely a handy idea and not something that is assessed on your driving exam.

There are a lot more creative ways to drive a manual than can simply be explained here. Unfortunately manual is one of those things that you need to practice with a very good professional instructor like Hans de Zilva. Virtually all of your senses need to be employed at the same time.

We have the cheapest driving lesson prices if you to learn driving and we teach manual driving and automatic driving as well.

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