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46 Freshfield Ave, Wantirna South VIC 3152, Australia

Things You Should Avoid When Using a Manual Car

Though it seems that driving a manual car is tough, it is not as hard as it appears at first. It is an art that’s wrapped up in a gear bashing package. It is fun driving a manual car, and it helps to improve your driving skills as well. On the other hand, when you are using a manual car, there are few things that you should avoid. By way we have a guide to how to choose a manual car if you if you struggling with choosing a manual car.. Read the below to find what they are and if you look for the best driving lesson in Melbourne check our driving lessons page.

1.    Avoid using the gear lever as your hand rest

We can see only the gear lever, but we cannot see what is going on within the manual transmission. When we are switching the gears using the gear lever, the selector fork that is still in the manual transmission gets press along the collar which is spinning, and the collar gets a press to the gear which you select.

So when you rest the hand of yours on the gear lever that might affect the selector fork by letting it interact with the revolving collar and therefore it may cause a breakdown in the selector fork. When you are switching the gears, the selector fork will get in contact with the spinning collar for a specified period, but leaving your hand to rest for an extended period might increase that procedure and cause a selector fork wear.

2.    Avoid resting your foot on the clutch

When you rest your foot on a clutch it may affect the clutch to get involve only partly and it would cause in slipping. So as a result of this act, the clutch may wear out quickly and also I might decrease the efficiency of fuel because of the energy transmission. So as a solution for this problem, you can use a dead pedal. You can find it in most of the cars today.

3.    Avoid shifting the gears without the use of the clutch

Whenever you push the pedal, the clutch would separate the transmission from the engine. A Clutch is a disc of friction that transfers the power to transmission from the engine. So if you need to change the gears, you will have to disconnect the engine first from the transmission so that you will be able to change. By changing the gears without involving the change can damage the system of transmission and also affects the engine terribly.

4.    Avoid leaving the car in gear at the stop signal

When you are waiting at the stop signal of the traffic lights with having the clutch down, involving your first gear and the foot on brake would cause pointless tension to the clutch. So it would be great if you could shift into the neutral gear in case if you are stopping for any period and use the handbrake if you are planning to have the car instill.

5.    Avoid using the clutch bite point when going on a slope

When climbing a hill, most of the people would hold on to the clutch bite point to remain stable on the hill and to avoid themselves get rolling towards the back. So it may cause the material of the clutch to get wear out quickly requiring a replacement. Today, most of manual cars come with a feature known as hill hold which enables you to hold your car for around two to three seconds after releasing the brake pedal. So it would give you enough time to change from the brake pedal to the race pedal and would also avoid your car from rolling towards the back.