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46 Freshfield Ave, Wantirna South VIC 3152, Australia

Tips to park your manual transmission vehicle

As you may know, it is not easy to park a manual transmission vehicle like an automatic vehicle. That’s why we offer the best manual driving lessons. In case, if you are not familiar with the changing of gears, you might find it much more difficult to park your vehicle even though it is something simple. Before parking your manual transmission vehicle, you need some knowledge about the gears as it is essential to select the right gear when parking on various ground levels.

However, you cannot find any parking gears in manual transmission vehicles as you can see in an automatic transmission. So you will have to learn the below few tips to park your vehicle quickly. Below are the essential tips you need to consider when parking your manual vehicle. However, you will have to consider the first and the reverse gear when parking.

Emergency brake- as you already know, manual transmission vehicles come without parking gear. So as a result of that, you will have to use the emergency brake to park your vehicle. In case, if you leave your vehicle without lifting the emergency brake, it might roll away causing various kinds of damage and accidents. So always remember to lift the emergency brake when parking your manual transmission vehicle.

Neutral parking- now, let’s be concerned about a real situation where you are parking your vehicle in between two vehicles. Then make sure that you park your vehicle by setting it in neutral gear so that you protect your vehicle if anyone accidentally bumps into you. However, as usual, use the emergency brake with the neutral gear.

Parking on a hill- even though you park your vehicle with the emergency brake set, still there is a risk that your vehicle might roll down if you do not set the ideal gear set. Selecting the perfect gear set would always depend on the path your vehicle is facing. In case, if it is pointed toward the slope of the hill, you will have to use the first gear, and if the vehicle is pointed towards the decline, you will have to use the reverse gear. No matter what gear you use always make sure that you lift up the emergency gear.

Reverse parking- in case you are reversing your manual transmission vehicle into a driveway or a parking lot, you will have to set the reverse gear after reversing it all through the way. Even though you can use the first gear to get away, it would be better if you could leave it in the reverse gear in the case, instead of moving forward if you have reversed it into the parking space.

Forward parking- if you are moving into space at the parking lot or at the driveway to park your manual transmission, in most cases you may shift the first gear and also use the emergency brake. But you can even use the reverse gear. However, you should not use the neutral gear other than you are parking the vehicle in between two vehicles.

Few bonus points to remember

Note: At our driving school Melbourne gives you a little bit of knowledge when we teach driving lessons When you are lifting the emergency brake, do not release the clutch until the emergency brake is set as it would put the weight of the whole car onto the brake. If you are wondering why it is essential to set the right gear? Well, in case if the emergency brake did not work for any reason, the gear would decide which path your vehicle would lead. However, if the gravity works in contrast to your gear, your manual transmission vehicle would not roll down. Finally, those are the essential tips that you need to know about the emergency brake and the gears in a manual transmission vehicle.