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46 Freshfield Ave, Wantirna South VIC 3152, Australia

Useful tips to learn driving a manual transmission car


Today the manual transmissions have gone out of fashion. Most people tend to shift from manual driving, but there are still plenty of people who struggle to continue with this fantastic art. So we are going to teach all those people some of the practical and easy tips you would need to drive a manual transmission car. We are pretty sure that you will find it quite easy to drive your vehicle after going through these few tips. Whether you want to learn how to control your driving or you have got an older model, anyway these tips would help you. So let’s find out how to drive your manual transmission car safely.

Get familiar with the routine

You might have already known that you need to use the clutch pedal while you are changing your gears and it is a bit of manual driving. And it is important to remember that you need to do the same when you are starting the engine.

So in case, if you are planning to park your vehicle on a slope, you would leave it in your first gear while the ignition is turn off to prevent it from slipping down and lock the wheels of the car. Anyway, you need to incline the clutch before you begin the ignition or else the car would stand not a smooth move.

Familiarize yourself with the clutch control

First sit on your seat, after that examine your clutch and the pedal that is beside the brake. All the cars have a friction point, so you need to sit back and find out where is it in your car. It is the point where you increase your clutch pedal before the gears get involve. With the practice of a smooth bite, you would avoid all those little hops while changing your gears. On the other hand, you would learn to control more while you are climbing a hill. By knowing these biting points of your car, it would be quite easy for you when you are moving too slow in traffic to shift for the second gear.

Careful with the shifting

If you go far with a low gear, you would end up wasting a lot of petrol and overwork the engine of your car. Eventually, it would not take you longer. Even though each car is different, usually the shifting between two-thousand five hundred and three thousand rpm would be great practice. Later on, you would get to know when your car wants a change up or down the gear. Also, you need to know what gear you should be in as it would be important when you slow down immediately.

Be careful on hills

It is complicated to drive a car a manual transmission car on a steep hill. It is because the person who drives the car has to look into the clutch pedal to involve the first gear, after that the gas pedal to move the vehicle and next to the brake to prevent the car from rolling backward.

When you stop the car, make sure you pull up the handbrake so that you can avoid it from rolling backward. Once you are moving the car again, you can begin it the usual way you do on the flat ground and at the same time release the handbrake. You need to do these two things at the same time as timing is the main thing that you need to concern about. If you release the handbrake slowly, it avoids the movement of the car, and if you release it quickly, that will end up rolling the vehicle backward. So make sure you do this at the right time.

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