How to start your manual transmission car on a hill

When comparing to an automatic transmission car, the manual transmission car gives you excellent control of power and the speed of the vehicle but when it comes to the driving, it is not entirely comfortable to drive a manual transmission car. However, it is not easy to stop or start your vehicle while you are on a hill. But the below tips would help you to start or stop your car when you are on a mountain. We teach these important driving lessons in Melbourne. So don’t forget to contact us to get more details.

Apply your handbrake

Usually, you need to balance the brake pedal and the clutch and give your vehicle gas while releasing the clutch in your vehicle. Once you stop your car on an incline, you can use the handbrake method rather than be pushing your brake. The name of the parking brake also knows it.

If you need to stop your vehicle, you can push the clutch and set the handbrake. If you want to move again, you can start pushing the gas pedal, and you need to consider the amount of the incline as it determines the amount of gas pedal. However, it would let you push the gas pedal when you release the handbrake and the clutch pedal at the same time.

Apply the method of heel-toe

Another approach to start your manual transmission vehicle on a hill is to use the heel-toe technique. The way of heel-toe lets you to push the brake, clutch and the gas pedal at the same time. You need to push the brake and the clutch at once you go for a stop so that you can prevent your vehicle from stalling.

In case, if you want to go forward, you will have to slip your right foot on to the gas pedal while having your toes on the brake pedal. With this method, you can easily allow the gas of the vehicle while pushing the brake with the use of the foot and prevent the car from freezing by concurrently pressing the clutch of the car using your other foot.

The method of foot shuffle using brake, clutch and the gas pedal

Now, this method is one of the commonly used ways by manual transmission vehicles to start or to stop a vehicle on a hill. Once you come to a stop, make sure that you push the clutch pedal and the brake at once, with the aim of shifting into the first gear. When it comes to moving the vehicle forward again, you will have to release the clutch pedal till you identify that the vehicle begins to go into gear. When you push the gas to begin moving, make sure that you let foot entirely off the clutch, and when it comes to sharp slopes your manual transmission vehicle would require more of an amount, so you can adjust the gas pressure according to it.

Even though it is a bit difficult to match the pressure put on to the gas pedal and the clutch while using the foot shuffle method, once you are familiar with this, you will have no issue in stopping or starting your manual transmission vehicle on a hill.

However, if you know the tips and tricks it is quite easy to start or stop your manual transmission vehicle on a hill. The only thing that matters the most is your practice of these techniques, so make sure that you practice them well. On the other hand, you need to keep your vehicle in good condition to get the vehicle to a mechanic to check whether your vehicle is in excellent condition.

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