Desperate to get your licence?

If you live in Melbourne or surrounding suburbs, you will know that public transport is not on a comparison with London, Singapore or Hong Kong for example. Therefore being able to drive is a necessity. Comparitively, most people get their licences when they turn 18 – 21. However, this may not be the norm for you. Recently I had a 37 year old get his licence with me within a matter of less than a month.

So even though you haven’t got your licence, this can be done very quickly as long as you are prepared to put in time for a few lessons, together we can accomplish this goal very quickly.

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Terrified Nervous Driver?

Oh, we specialise in this one and welcome this type of driver as it is the most satisfying to be able to teach. Often I have had students that could not drive out of a simple public car park or even be able to turn on something as simple as your indicator/signals. The biggest thing is that this type of student inherently knows their capabilities and this will shut them down even though they are trying very hard.

Afterall we are born with only two fears. Fear of noise and the fear of falling. Both of these fears are realised when it comes to driving. The fight or flight mechanism kicks in, and in turn two chemicals are released into the brain (Adrenaline and Cortisol) which can make you excel or in this case, shut you down and go into FREEZE MODE which is deadly for driving.

Knowing how to correct this and bring rationality to the situation very quickly is most important. I’ve done this hundreds and hundreds of students. Nothing is new to me.

You can be THE ABSOLUTE WORST and I WILL HELP YOU very quickly.

Learn to Drive Now

New Learner Driver?

Why is it that you go from being one of the safest drivers on the road to an 1100% DANGER STATISTIC according to VicRoads and Monash University? Under supervision, you have a backup with your senior driver. When you are on your own, different story.

Unfortunately parents don’t know how to teach or more importantly correct driving impediments from the start, and what’s even more unfortunate is that there are a lot of DRIVING INSTRUCTORS who don’t know either! So, where does this leave you, the new driver?

You need to spend a lot of time searching for the small percentage of quality instructors with great difficulty. The big names nor the so called “Biggest Schools” have the answers either. It’s being able to detect and then correct these faults which you could carry with you for the rest of your driving days, IF NOT CORRECTED unfortunately could cause serious accidents.

We know how to make these suttle and yet critical changes in your driving.

Learn to Drive Now

Need to get through your P’s?

From the moment you get onboard we make the teaching and your ability to learn as simple as ABC. From there we constantly repeat, reinstate and keep reinforcing what you’ve learnt so that it become second nature, infact instinctive in nature. We know from simple learning abilities, the louder, the brighter anf the more obvious the teaching is, your ability to grasp the new ideas is made much simpler. It’s literally neuroplasticity! Your ability to understand and adhere to road rules easily is most important, including your low speed manouvers, namely parking. We will show you in 3 steps how to park with pin point accuracy eleviating a major stress issue for your driving test.


Learn to Drive Now

Drive Manual in One Super Lesson

We are the only school in Melbourne that offers this. What takes another instructor five to ten lessons, we will accomplish this plus more in our 1 Super Lesson. Most of the time we get corporates wanting us to teach their employees how to drive manual. We do one of these almost on a daily basis with monotoneous regularity. It’s in being able to find out how to tweek you the driver’s physiology and demonstrate very easily so that you can understand how to drive a manual vehicle using pictures and implimenting muscle memory and brain recognition.

What takes other instructors five or ten lessons and a lot of your time, we are the ONLY SCHOOL IN MELBOURNE that offers this Intensive Super Lesson.

Learn to Drive Now

Don’t put it off anymore. Learn to Drive in 1 Week!

It’s a common fact that driving lessons are offered through many Melbourne driving schools however, we are the only Melbourne driving school to use a scientific approach in both neurological and physiological aspects  in order to improve your driving skills and help people maximise their ability in Melbourne Eastern suburbs and surrounding areas. Hans De Zilwa is the best in the industry and guarantees your success with utmost certainty. He has spent hundreds and hundreds of hours perfecting the art of teaching in order to tailor driving lessons in Melbourne to each individual student.